How well do you remember Vampire Diaries Season 1?

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I am conducting a quiz for you for testing how much do you remember Vampire Diaries Season 1?You know like a normal quiz.But if you get less marks don't worry.At least this is not school Grade I am giving.

Some may have been followed in all the Seasons along with Season 1.Ok?Nice I know you"ll agree.And guys please don't forget to comment.U know watch Vampire Diaries and enjoy.Bye👋👋

Created by: Sarah Quinn.

  1. What's Elena's surname?
  2. Stefan and Damon.Among these two brothers,Who is the bigger brother?
  3. Did Vicki love Jeremy?
  4. Katherine and Elena look the same.True or False?
  5. Bonnie's a witch and her Grams is also a witch.
  6. Who is Elena's first love?
  7. How did Elena find that Stefan is a Vampire?
  8. What is a thing?Which is like a poison for Vampires?
  9. Vicki dies in Season 1.
  10. Who is Vicki's and Matt's Mother?

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Quiz topic: How well do I remember Vampire Diaries Season 1?