How well do you remember Just Add Magic?(All Seasons)

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Hi I am going to conduct a quiz for you.In Just Add Magic all Seasons but Not Just Add Magic:Mystery City.Ok.So now,Are you ready to take to the test?

I wish you all the Best.You may get a good score.And this is not meant for insulting anyone.We are just creating a quiz so that you could have fun.There is no problem for you if you get less marks.This is just for fun

Created by: Sarah

  1. Kelly's three friends are
  2. Kelly,Hannah and Darbie cook a recipe in Season 1 ending to protect their town from the spell MAMA P cooked.What is the name of the recipe?
  3. Kelly's mother becomes Mayor in S3 T (or) F
  4. What is the spell that can make people tell the truth?
  5. Who is Chuck's sister?
  6. Who's been spying on Terri Quinn for Terri's competent?
  7. Who makes people forget Magic?
  8. Who is the *NIGHT BANDIT*?
  9. Why is Kelly the *NIGHT BANDIT*?
  10. Why did Jill wanted to destroy magic?

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Quiz topic: How well do I remember Just Add Magic?(All Seasons)