how well do you know Trump

this is not a supposed to offend anyone if you feel offended easily then dont do this test . this was made only for entertainment only but either way i hope you enjoy!

this is based on my point of view as an anti trump person .but they do contain facts not what i think! enjoy and have a good day. bye and like and share .

Created by: the floper kid

  1. is he a total nut headed idiot with no commonsense no matter whatsoever
  2. what is tiny-hands scared of!(literally no joke!)
  3. okay an easy one what is his infamous catch phrase .
  4. which fact is true.
  5. which song has not been trump-ifyed (has had a parody about trump ) YET!
  6. okay an extremely obvious one ! wich nation does trump want to wall of.(to make you feel better about your final score)
  7. who has trump mocked on live tv
  8. which countries have dont their own trump
  9. which of these names has Donald dump not called fat kimmy
  10. which states citizens voted for trump the most .
  11. where was the food vacuum born.
  12. who was his dad (last one) NO GOOGLING!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Trump