How well do you know the movie Spirit?

I wonder.. How well do you know the horse movie Spirit? I think it's an amazing movie, but is it amazing enough to make people look at it and say "I REMEMBER THIS FROM WHEN I WAS 5"? I think so!

Let's gouuuuuuoeieirengruerhienrhithreniueuierhiueriruntvuerihtvuiehtutvhtiuhreiuheruhtooo!!! Good luck :) PLEASE NOTE: Spoilers for the movie Spirit!

Created by: Speedyscout

  1. Who is Spirit?
  2. Is Spirit the leader of his herd?
  3. Where is the movie set?
  4. What is the name of Spirit's girlfriend/crush/friend?
  5. What is the movie's/Spirit's full name?
  6. Who is/was Spirit's first friend?
  7. What color is Spirit's mane/tail?
  8. What company made Spirit?
  9. The most dramatic scene in Spirit is when he..
  10. Is Spirit magical?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the movie Spirit?