How Well Do You Know The Loud House

What's it like in your house? Probably not too loud. For Lincoln, it is a Loud House. I hope that you watch it enough to know what is it is like in his house.

How well do you know the Loud House? Are you pretty much one of the family? You might think you are, but we should check. Just in case. Take this cool quiz to find out!

Created by: Carly

  1. What is Lisa's middle name?
  2. How many pets does the Loud family own? (Including their personal pets.)
  3. Who is Lucy's crush?
  4. Who is the older twin?
  5. What is Lynn's favorite color?
  6. Which Loud sibling used to wear braces?
  7. What is Lincoln's favorite band?
  8. Who reads Princess Pony?
  9. What is Leni's fear?
  10. Who does Clyde like?
  11. Who is afraid of heights?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Loud House