How Well Do You Know Pixilart? Are You a Fan?

Hello Pixilart-ers! This quiz has a series of hard questions to test how well you know Pixilart, the app. If you do not know the website/app Pixilart, I kindly want you to leave or you might get a low result on this quiz.

So... ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR EXTREME, HARD QUIZ? DO YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF? WELL..... GO GET THAT GOOD GRADE! I am not responsible for any offense. Well, what are you waiting for? GO!!!

Created by: kc23000 of this site
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  1. First off, do you even know Pixilart?
  2. If you don't know Pixilart, then leave, please! (ok) Next question! How many followers do you have?
  3. Is there a such thing as 1. Comics, 2. Drawing, 3. Roleplay, 4. Making phone calls?
  4. Do you have a best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend there?
  5. Do you know how to ROLEPLAY?
  6. What is the ratio of original drawings to Collab drawings in your gallery? The first ratio is the original drawings. Second is Collabs, or not original.
  7. How long have you been on Pixilart?
  8. Have you ever participate in contests, comics, a text, a group, or a collab drawing?
  9. If you were gone for one day, how many notifications do you think you will get?
  10. How often are you on Pixilart?
  11. Have your original drawing ever made it on Staff Picks?
  12. Do you like to spam? Heehee.
  13. Next time if you're on Pixilart, can you follow @kc23000? That is me! Just go on the search bar and type in @kc23000 or Cat Lover. Thank you! ( Answer does not affect result grade. )
  14. To prove that you have Pixilart, what is the icon mascot of it? ( You will get fewer points if you get this wrong. )
  15. Hey, also, please follow @Nightwolf69. Thank you! (Results does not affect grade!)
  16. What do you think your results will be? Remember, attitude can change everything!
  17. Are you a Trending Artist on Pixilart?
  18. Are you careful with giving out information?
  19. Second to last question! How often do you draw on there?
  20. Last question! How many art likes do you have?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pixilart? am I a Fan?