How well do you know our site?

Yes hello this is a quiz where you will be tested on your basic knowledge of our site as of today the march 12th of 2019. this is very simple tbhngl deadly srs

I am just going to write random s--- here because the site is forcing me to otherwise i will not be able to publish this easy as f--- quiz that you will pass

Created by: Mogsmetbh

  1. Which user currently has the overall biggest postcount (banned or not and also including alts)
  2. Which one of these was a MOD(janitor not included) but stepped down.
  3. Who has the achieved the feat of 5k posts in a month?
  4. Which user DOES not host stream/make content?
  5. Who said the following phrase? "You are going through a phase, trust me you will become stable again right now your are still not use to this exposure but once you get use to it and overcome the suffering you will become a new man,I have been through this, many people like fukmylyf have witness me breaking down multiple times, but now I'm very stable."
  6. Which user has the highest texts in the Chat Room?
  7. Who says "Hit the gym brutally" ?
  8. Who drinks the hardest?
  9. Which guy recently went "missing".
  10. Who is recently on IT very often?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know our site?