how well do you know movies?

Are you ready? Really? Lets do this! I don't think you're ready? Have you seen "300"? Have you seen a grown man naked? Do you want to? How was Last Friday? Lets do this thing, turkey!

How about it? Want to do a hard quiz? Lets do it! Or do you feel stupid? Are you fully clothed? Double check. I may have just stripped you. Or not. Maybe. I don't know. Check yourself, my whitw fool! :D

Created by: Tyler

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  1. What was Steven Spielberg's first film?
  2. Which of the following films is a Japanese monster movie?
  3. Which of the following film(s) do not include Shia Labouef?
  4. Which movie starred Harrison Ford and Alan Arkin?
  5. Which of the following movies is directed by Steve Miner?
  6. Which of the following actors played the bully in Rob Zombie's "Halloween"?
  7. What show/movie did actor Rainn Wilson not star in?
  8. Andy Samberg plays a stuntman raising money for his step-fathers heart transplant in what movie
  9. In "Team America: World Police", what broadway musical are they mocking?
  10. Which actor did NOT play the role of James Bond?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know movies?