How Well Do You Know Leo Valdez?

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This is a quiz to see how well you know Leo Valdez, but do NOT get any ideas about. I HAVE DIBS ON HIM!!! But I hope you enjoy! Sorry about any spelling mistakes!

I really really hope that you do super super super well! I hope that it isn't too hard, but not too easy. I LOVE Leo Valdez and you should at least LIKE him.

Created by: Eva

  1. Who is Leo Valdez's current significant other?
  2. What Powers Does Leo Valdez Have?
  3. Who SHOULD Leo Valdez Be Dating?
  4. What Book is Leo Valdez Introduced In?
  5. In what book does Leo Valdez meet Calypso?
  6. How Many Siblings On His Mom's Side Does Leo Valdez Have?
  7. What is The Name of Leo Valdez's Mortal Parent?
  8. How Many People Has Leo Valdez Dated? (Not including Hazel)
  9. On a Scale of One to Ten, (Ten is the Highest) How Much Did You Enjoy This Quiz?
  10. Which One? (This Effects Your Score)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Leo Valdez?