How well do you know LDshadowlady?

Do you know LDShadowLady? Well, you can find out here! (Btw this quiz is pretty easy, so ill be surprised if you fail, cause the you must not watch her videos.

So, LDShadowLady is that girl that makes cute videos and has 3 million subs! If you watch her, that you shoud be good at this! If you dont watch her, WAT R U DOIN, MAN!?!???

Created by: Charlotte

  1. What are LDshadowlady and Smallishbeans real names?
  2. What are Lizzie and Joels pets names?
  3. What is Lizzies current hair color? (2018)
  4. What is the crazycraft crew?
  5. What hair color has Lizzie not had?
  6. What series is she not in?
  7. What youtubers server did she play survive the disaster minecraft on?
  8. Who is not her friend (this one is easy)
  9. Where did Lizzie and Joel meet?
  10. What country do Lizzie and Joel live in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know LDshadowlady?