How well do you know Jim Halpert

If you watch and love The Office then this quiz is for you. We'll see if you know more about Jim then Pam does! Do you think you will get a good score?

Be warned, this quiz is really very hard! If you don't get a good score it just means you haven't done your homework of watching the best show of television, The Office.

Created by: Jack R.

  1. Who is Jim's first girlfriend?
  2. How does Jim prank Andy
  3. What is passionate about?
  4. How does Jim get back at Andy when in E13 S3 he's annoying everyone?
  5. Where does Jim buy a house?
  6. What is prime nocta in E14 S3?
  7. In E11 S2, who did jim tell his big secret to?
  8. What episode do Karen and Jim start dating?
  9. Why does Roy attack Jim in E18 S3?
  10. What Is Jim position when he works in Stamford?
  11. What episode does Jim ask out Pam On A Date?
  12. What episode do Jim and Pam go public?
  13. What episode does Jim get a formal warning about his job preference from Ryan?
  14. What episode Jim propose to Pam?
  15. What does Andy call Jim?
  16. Where do Jim and Pam Get Married?
  17. Where do Jim and Pam go on there honey moon?
  18. In E2 S6 What does Jim get promoted to?
  19. How does Jim prank Dwight in E20 S3
  20. How many kids does Jim have?

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