How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

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How well do you know Harry Potter? This will test your knowledge! Not the hardest quiz, though. It's fun, funny and... well, magic! Will you get 100%, a Harry Potter expert? Or will you score a zero?

For example: who is Harry Potter? A real-life celebrity, or a famous wizard? And who killed Nagini? Does Cedric Diggory still live? Take the quiz! (Sorry there are no dragons.)

Created by: Dragon Friend
  1. First, who is Harry Potter?
  2. Who is Harry Potter's two closest friends?
  3. Who is "You-know-who"?
  4. Who killed Harry's parents?
  5. Who is Harry's Godfather?
  6. Who is Harry's Godmother?
  7. In which year did Harry meet his Godfather?
  8. In which year did the tri-wizard tournament take place?
  9. What are the four animals you are allowed to keep at Hogwarts?
  10. Did Cedric Diggory die? If so, in what year?
  11. Just to be sure, which house is Harry Potter in?
  12. What is the full name of Harry Potter's son?
  13. Who killed Nagini?
  14. And lastly, in the first book, when Harry was on the train to Hogwarts, he picked a chocolate frog from the Trolley Witch's trolley. Inside the chocolate frog was a collectable card with information on a witch or wizard. Which witch or wizard was it?

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