How well do you know Graystripe

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Hi! Test your knowledge of Graystripe! Heathertail Breezepelt Lionblaze Cinderheart Hollyleaf Jayfeather Half Moon Broken Shadow Chasing Clouds Tallstar Sandgorse Palebird Wollytail

Lightning Lilly Wind Misty Bone Ghost Toothless Rainfall Random words meow that rabbit wanna die a wolf is hungry MRROW cats trees dust mud ferns bush snow ice

Created by: Wind_Runner

  1. What color is his pelt?
  2. Eye color
  3. Clan history
  4. Mother
  5. Dad
  6. Half brother [ i forgot his siblings]
  7. Mates
  8. Kits
  9. Best friends
  10. How many times was he leader of thunderclan

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Graystripe