How well do you know fuller house

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You have to use your brain all of the questions are from Fuller House i know you guys can do this you guy's are smart just don't be scared good luck to everyone

Just try your best some questions are hard some are easy if you have watched Fuller house you should know all the answers if you haven't watched all the episodes you might want to watch the rest first

Created by: Kylie Thompson

  1. Does Steve get married to CJ
  2. What are DJ's 3 kid's names
  3. When is DJ's birthday in Fuller House
  4. Is Stephanie older or younger than DJ
  5. Does uncle Jesse and Rebecca adopt a baby
  6. Who does Stephanie fall in love with
  7. Where is the Fuller House located
  8. How many people did DJ fall in love with at once
  9. Why did Ramona break up with Popko before she went to Japan.
  10. How did Danny's two daughters and Kimmy find out the he got a divorce with his new wife in Fuller house
  11. Is Stephanie a DJ person for parties
  12. who was Jackson's first kiss and girlfriend

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Quiz topic: How well do I know fuller house