How well do you know friends ?

So friends you know the characters:Monica , Joey, Rachel, Ross, pheobe and Chandler. If you didn't already know that don't take the quiz otherwise you will fail!

If you don't get what you hope don't worry but just keep watching friends and you can try again. Try and gather all quotes and general knowledge of the shoe then start playing ! Sorry for all mistakes : spelling and typing 😁

Created by: Kay

  1. Who says: Well obviously it's Joey
  2. Who says:Could I BE wearing any more clothes
  3. Who created the quiz that had 'the lightning round?
  4. Who's house do people get to throw wet paper tissues at the wall?
  5. Who spent time in a box proving how sorry they were for another person?
  6. What is the name of joeys toy penguin?
  7. How many children does Ross have ?
  8. Who is Monica married to ?
  9. Who is the only friend not to get married at all through the whole of friends?
  10. Who does the babies pheobe gives birth to belong to ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know friends ?