How well do you know Allah?

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There are a lot of smart people in this world. Some of them are called a genius. A person isn't a genius if they do not complete this test about Allah! This test is most suitable for Muslims. If you muslims don't do this test, then it proves you are too scared if u get low marks!

Find out today, if your a TRUE genius! If you do this quiz then in a few minutes you will know how much you know about Allah! Muslims, if you don't get good marks, then its okay. At least you tried your best!

Created by: Maryam
  1. Does Allah drink, sleep, rest or eat?
  2. What is the five pillars of Islam?
  3. Will Allah punish a person if they don't do their prayers and his age is 15?
  4. Would Allah forgive a person if he didn't respect his parents. ( For extra information, the person didn't seek forgiveness. )
  5. Who is Allah?
  6. What can Allah do?
  7. What did Allah do when people was on the wrong path at the prophets times?
  8. Allah has created many prophets. Which one is the most special one?
  9. Allah is the god of which religion?
  10. In the prophets times, when a prophet try their best to guide people and they didn't listen, what did Allah do to them?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Allah?