How well do you know about Death Note episodes?

Death Note is a world-wide watched anime but only a few are brave enough to take it's quizzes. Are you one of those brave warriors out there? Conquer this quiz with your brain-power to end at the very top.

Show everyone that you are the true Death Note King or Queen when it comes to this anime. Take this quiz to see where you Death Note IQ stands and become the true champion.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. What's the titel of the first episode of Death Note?
  2. What's the name of the first victim of the Death Note?
  3. In what episode does Misa Amani make her first facial appearance?
  4. When light's life span is shown for the first time, what numbers appears above his head?
  5. What color is L's eyes?
  6. In what episode does light's Father get to see Misa's Shinigami?
  7. After Light's father saw the shinigami for the first time. Who touches the Notebook after him?
  8. Who recieves the Notebook in Yatsuba?
  9. In episode 26-Renewel. How old is Light?
  10. What's the first episode Near appears in?
  11. How many shinigami's comes down to the human world?
  12. When Light gets the Notebook he considers himself as a...
  13. Shinigami loves...
  14. Can Shinigami's die ?
  15. What's the titel of the final episode of Death Note?
  16. How does Kyomi Takada die?
  17. How does Matsuda die?
  18. Who gives Misa the nickname Misa-Misa.
  19. Misa has a very long lifespan. Way more longer than normal humans.
  20. Final Question:How does Light Die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Death Note episodes?