How similar are our FNaF AUs?

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You've seen these before, you know how they are. Just pick the one's closest to your AU, there's no wrong answers here! I respect you if you respect me.

This will contain heavy subjects, this is a CW. And, as credit due, I made the image for this on Gacha club (m0ssygr0ve on Pinterest and Discord, and cl0udii_v0id on Reddit-I try to post regularly but schedules are NOT my friend). It also explains this AU (Which I dubbed "Fixed Relations", a name idea I got from my brother-in-heart/online brother, Cray). This is a long quiz! Be prepared to be here some time :)

  1. First question, right off the bat since I'm impatient, how is their relationships?
  2. Do you have ships in your AU?
  3. If so, how many ships?
  4. How is William to his children?
  5. Which child is William closest to now?
  6. Do the Afton children love William as a father?
  7. What colour are William's eyes? (Curious)
  8. Are your Mrs. A. and William in love still?
  9. Are Mrs. A. and William divorced (whether they are in love or not)
  10. Children order?
  11. How tall is William?
  12. What is Mrs. Afton's name?
  13. What is C.C.'s name?
  14. How old is Michael when he dies?
  15. How old is Elizabeth?
  16. And how about C.C.?
  17. And William?
  18. How did Mrs. Afton die?
  19. What is death order?
  20. What is remnant?
  21. Why did Michael bully C.C.?
  22. Does Michael regret the Bite?
  23. Does Michael age regress?
  24. Who struggles the most with mental health?
  25. Who has dealt with addiction?
  26. Does Michael get married, have kids, or have a partner?
  27. How many kids did Michael have, if any?
  28. How does Elizabeth act?
  29. What happened to FNaF 1?
  30. Is Cassidy...
  31. What came first?
  32. What happened to the Toys?
  33. What were the FNaF 3 Phantoms?
  34. Did Springtrap know it was Michael he was trying to kill?
  35. What are the FNaF 4 Nightmares?
  36. What Bite killed C.C.?
  37. Is Ennard possessed?
  38. Who is Clara?
  39. Who is Glitchtrap?
  40. The Blob is a mix of all the agony from the spirits.
  41. Monty dismembered Bonnie and replaced him.
  42. The "Silver Eyes", "Twisted Ones", and "Fourth Closet" are canon to the game lore, while Fazbear Frights is its own lore.
  43. Theory time to make about 10 more questions to get to an even 50. MikeBro, MikeVictim, or MikeNone?
  44. GregCC and/or GlamMike or GlamHenry
  45. VanessaBeth (Vanessa is Elizabeth Afton)
  46. C.C. is a wandering spirit, and doesn't possess anything.
  47. Ms. Afton possesses Ballora
  48. Ms. Afton is still alive
  49. Meltdown (Fnaf 1 was melted into SL)
  50. William Afton is Glitchtrap/ Glitchtrap is a part of William's soul
  51. The Glamrocks are possessed
  52. The Nightmares were set up by William to go after C.C./The Nightmares are real robots
  53. Last three will not have effect. Who is your favorite Afton?
  54. Who do you think you will get?
  55. Thank you for taking this quiz!

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