How Romantic Are You?

Some people are hopeless romantics, while others want nothing to do with love. Some people dream of dates, others love the single life. Some people are romantic, others are not.

Are YOU romantic? Are you a sweet rose when it comes to romance, or are you the prickly thorn into your date? Wait no more to find out! Thanks to this quiz, you'll know you're answer in minutes!

Created by: Otterina
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  1. Your dream date would be...
  2. Where would you want to be proposed to?
  3. how would you spend thanksgiving with your husband?
  4. You're on a date with your boyfriend. the dishes are super big so you're splitting something. you choose:
  5. Your wedding bouquet flowers would be... (sorry if i don't have the one you want)
  6. Your boyfriend lets you choose the movie for your date. you look through the DVDs and choose:
  7. Before your date you:
  8. What's your type?
  9. You're buying a scented candle. which flavor?
  10. What perfume would you buy?
  11. Let fate decide...

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Quiz topic: How Romantic am I?