How old are you?

Do you really think I can guess your name on this quiz? If we can't, then at least you will know what age you actually should be, am I right? I usually am:)

Take this quiz to find out what age you should actually be. Let me know in the comments if I actually got it right. I hope I did. I usually do great stuff.

Created by: amazingclaws

  1. What type of school do you go to?
  2. Do you have kids?
  3. What time do you go to bed?
  4. Did you ever fly on a plane without parents?
  5. Do you like burgers?
  6. Are you married?
  7. Do you take medications?
  8. Do you like to stay up late dancing and talking with friends?
  9. What about staying up late to play Fortnite? (If you play pub-g, that's a bad game)
  10. Last question, how many kids do you have?

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Quiz topic: How old am I?