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this quiz is about undertale i hope u enjoy i will be happy if you play my quiz be warned you need to know about undertale but u can still try anyway have fun.

you can start the test when your ready please don't be all weird if your results are not what you wanted but you really need to know more than undertale stuff for this quiz as well have fun playing my quiz about undertale

Created by: Mikayla

  1. have u ever heard of undertale
  2. have u ever played undertale
  3. do u like undertale
  4. do u know about au's
  5. if u do know about au's which one do u like better
  6. have u heard of the star sannes
  7. have u heard of frisk
  8. whats your passion
  9. what 4 people are in the star sannes
  10. last question why did u decide to do this quiz

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