How much do you know warriors?

I don't have anything to say. Please don't get mad cuz I am not good at this part. Pickled bananas are the pickles of the totally future man man man man. LOL

So, as you know I'm not good at paragraphs, so please, accept these... Umm.... Randomnicitys. I like hedgehogs that are nice and small and such things

Created by: Jingle

  1. Select which group of clans is in the books.
  2. There is a rouge clan that lives in the alleyways of the twolegplace. What clan is this?
  3. Another clan was found a little bit into the series. What clan was this?
  4. When fire went through Thunderclan camp, Yellowfang went in to save what cat?
  5. Who was Firestars mate?
  6. Select which cat out of these is MADE UP.
  7. Select which cat is REAL.
  8. Which one of these two are scourges siblings?
  9. Which one of these two are scourges siblings?
  10. Is scourge related to firestar?
  11. Who is Scourges father?
  12. Who is scourges mom?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know warriors?