How much do you know American Girl

American girl dolls. What are they? Most are the dolls that tell stories about things that happened the 1700s to the 2000s,Some dolls solve problems.Others are just like you.

Are you a ture American Girl Dolls? How much do really know the doll? Anwser about 10 questions. Will you find the ture American Girl? Or are you sis to one.

Created by: Erykah

  1. When did American Girl start?
  2. How many Girl of the Year dolls are there?
  3. Which doll was a slave?
  4. What was the Great Depesion dolls' names
  5. Which doll loved horses
  6. My American Girl dolls can what?
  7. What sport does Mckenna do?
  8. How many American girl dolls are there(plus arcived)
  9. In Play,where do you get polls and quizzes?
  10. What state is the one with the American Girl shop in Chicago.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know American Girl