How much do you know about the periodic table?

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So this is just a quiz that will test your knowledge of the periodic table! I hope you enjoy this quiz, and I know it probably isn't that good, but oh well I'm close to junior!

The periodic table is a great thing, and is important. If the periodic table wasn't invented, then...idk everything would be TERRIBLE!!! Dun dun dunnnn..

Created by: Mistyraindrops of The Enchanted Forest
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  1. Another level up quiz!
  2. What is the first element of the periodic table?
  3. What group of elements is Lithium in?
  4. There are metals and...
  5. What group of elements is Iridium in?
  6. What is the atomic number for Potassium?
  7. Ok that's it for now!
  8. I hope you actually know about the periodic table.
  9. Please rate and comment!
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the periodic table?