How much do you know about cats

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This quiz is to see if you are a cat person. If you get most of them right than you are a cat person. If you are not a cat person do not be sad you may try again.

If you do not pass this quiz I do not suggest that you get a cat. Just kidding! You may get a cat if you would like a cat just make shure that you have everything you need.

Created by: KittyKatAttack

  1. Is catnip a plant?
  2. True or False All cat's tails are long
  3. Are cats Carnavores or herbivores?
  4. When a cat purrs it means that the cat is
  5. Are you a cat person?
  6. How many cats do you have?
  7. Cats are terrified of cucumbers
  8. Can cats eat ice cream?
  9. Can cats have chocolate?
  10. Can cats only see black and white?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats