How good is your WW2 knowledge?

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This is my second quiz and since I'm into WW2. I decided to do it on said subject. This quiz is reasonably hard but most people will find it quite easy, depending on what they know. I've tried to fit in questions that cover the whole of the war but of course I couldn't do everything.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment about what you liked or what I could do better. I'm also thinking of something to do for my next quiz, so if you have any ideas please say...

Created by: ShyTimeTraveller

  1. When was Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany?
  2. The allied forces consisted of which countries?
  3. Who was Prime Minister of Britain from 1937-40?
  4. Roughly how many people were taken to Auschwitz between 1940-45?
  5. "Fat Man" was the codename for what weapon used by the USA in 1945?
  6. What was one of the main reasons WW2 began?
  7. How many women served in auxiliary services of the British armed forces in WW2?
  8. US President John F. Kennedy served with which branch of the armed forces during World War II?
  9. Emperor ___________ was the Japanese leader during World War II.
  10. One of the most famous air raid shelters has what British surname named after its inventor?
  11. In total how many people lost their lives during WW2?
  12. When was VE day? The Victory in Europe Day, which marked the formal conclusion of Hitler's war.

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Quiz topic: How good is my WW2 knowledge?