How genuine are you?

Hey, welcome to the "How genuine are you?" quiz, this quiz is 100% based on honesty. It wont be accurate otherwise. I practically judge you by these questions, trying to clear out the desperate pick me's that might be snoozing around trying to get validation. Good luck.

It's all jokes and fun, take the test and brag about your score! I really hope nobody takes it to heart if it doesn't apply. But if it does, good. I am so glad you feel so hurt lol.

Created by: Aspect

  1. To begin with, start off and finish this entire quiz 100% honest. If you can't do that, you wont get accurate answers, and right off the bat aren't genuine.
  2. When someone asks you how you are, how do you respond?
  3. Alright, let's be real, do you wait to respond to texts?
  4. How often do you really feel genuine?
  5. You got a crowd of friends?
  6. Do you tend to feel sorry for yourself alot? (Honest, remember!)
  7. You ever gossip?
  8. Is depression an appealing aesthetic to you?
  9. How is this test going for you?
  10. What's your fave color? (just for fun, no points)
  11. What kind of music do you listen to?
  12. Would you consider yourself open minded?
  13. If you tripped on someone's foot, what would your reaction be?
  14. When you open a gift, how do you react?
  15. Have you ever cheated on a s/o?

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Quiz topic: How genuine am I?