How evil are you?

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Have you ever wondered why people call you evil? Or why they look at you strangely? Take this quiz to find out how evil you are and if you are related to the devil.

FYI: One of the questions is "What is your favourite torture method", well, if you are not psychopathic I doubt you will know what the torture methods are. I would describe what French water torture is and all the rest of them, but it is quite difficult to explain so look it up. All of the torture methods listed actually happened!!!

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  1. Do you have horns or a spiky red tail?
  2. What is your favourite torture method?
  3. If your little sibling (or friend or whatever) really annoys you, do you have the sudden urge to hurt them?
  4. Have you done an ancestry test (to make sure that you are not related to the devil)?
  5. Have you ever bullied someone?
  6. Do you eat meat?
  7. Do you kill bugs / flies / spiders just for the sake of it?
  8. Have you ever broken the law?
  9. Who do you worship?
  10. Do you think that you are evil?
  11. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?