How Dirty Minded Are You? (Fanfiction Based)

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So you read fanfiction, and you wanna know how dirty minded you are? Answer these 15 questions to figure out just how non-family-friendly your mind is!

Please keep in mind that this quiz is for those who read fanfiction, NOT regular fiction. The quiz was made from common themes found in popular sites.

Created by: Kovan_Empire
  1. Where do you find things to read?
  2. How often do you read off of any fanfiction source?
  3. How many tags do you prefer? (If your source does not use tags or an equivalent, please select "skip".)
  4. What ratings do you usually look for? (If your website uses a different rating system, select the equivalent.)
  5. Do you read fanfiction in public?
  6. Have you ever read a fanfiction that involved kinks?
  7. How would you describe the kinks in the fanfictions you read?
  8. Do "prompt challenge" or "writing challenge" mean anything in particular to you?
  9. Is grammar and spelling important to a fanfiction? (Pick the option that represents the bare minimum of what you'll read.)
  10. Have you ever written or planned out a fanfiction of your own? (If you have written any, please indicate whether you post them or if they're for your eyes only.)
  11. If you use a device when reading, what is your brightness level at? (Please select "skip" if this doesn't apply.)
  12. How long have you been reading fanfiction?
  13. Do you have an account or paid subscription for any site or organization/company?
  14. Do you know what the sex position "okapine" is?
  15. Be honest, did you lie or use the internet on that last question?

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Quiz topic: How Dirty Minded am I? (Fanfiction Based)