how blonde are you

Blondes, you know you love them. They are what make this world interesting. They can be dumb blondes or stupid blondes. No matter how blonde they are though they can always bring a smile to your face just because of their "huh" attidude.

But wait are you one of them. Are you the one that is making everyone laugh. You better take this quiz and find out. Just think this quiz could possibly save your life.

Created by: Taylor

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  1. Does what you say only sound better when it's in your head?
  2. When you hear a joke you laugh and then say you don't get it
  3. When a guy whistles at you, you say hey I can whistle too!
  4. twinkle twinkle little star has the same rythme to it as ...
  5. The clicky noise of a pen amusses you
  6. when your sunglasses are on your head you can't find them
  7. 2+2=
  8. my natural hair color is blonde
  9. would you ever be found in a library
  10. Quick spell a word

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Quiz topic: How blonde am I