Hippology Autumn Quiz 2020

Hi, I'm FaeSoulGirl, I've made other quizzes, so this is not my first quiz, so it should be good... Let me know in the smiley face rating thing after you get your results how much you liked this quiz!

It is supposed to resemble a real hippology quiz, so it is NOT made to be easy. The real quizzes usually have about 50-100 questions on them, so you can use this quiz for fun or for practice! I make a new hippology quiz each season, so be sure to come back and take the new one!

Created by: FaeSoulGirl

  1. what is colic?
  2. What is NOT part of an English saddle?
  3. What is the most speed efficient gait out of the 4 Standard gaits?
  4. What is a horse color?
  5. What is a poisonous plant?
  6. What do you call a male foal?
  7. Can horses throw up?
  8. What us the difference between a white horse and a gray horse?
  9. Which of these is NOT a leg or face marking?
  10. Why was the English saddle invented?
  11. How do you properly put on a blanket?
  12. What does EPM stand for?
  13. How many inches is a hand?
  14. What is the maximum hight for a pony? -HH
  15. What breed has fewer vertebrae than a standard horse?

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