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The place you wish you could be. Unless you don’t. Anyway! Today is a quiz entirely for you to decide. I have a common thing called writer’s block! This image is mine and taken by my phone. Sorry if it’s crooked. There were so many people! And my small arm plus my terrible photography skills be like 😫.

I’m so glad you’ve stuck with me through out all my cringy moments and phases! I’ve been doing this for about two years and it’s been fun. My grammar has and still is terrible. Forgive me for that. My fingers be like AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Created by: Liberty Christianity
  1. Ember-“Hey guys! It’s me again! I know I haven’t updated in like a year. (Not that anyone has noticed)😭😭😭😭😭😭So I haven’t updated because of school and plus IT WOUDN’T LET ME MAKE A FRIGIN QUIZ! But yeah, anyway, I need help. Physically, Mentally,and Emotionally, (I’m just joking btw) but mostly mentally. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK! Sooo I need ideas! And then maybe…I CAN FINALLY START MAKING MORE QUIZZES! Without further adu! (However you spell it) let’s go!
  2. So I have a lot of unfinished quizzes that have parts like the one with the Sleepover with Harry Potter Boys, Warrior Cats, Greek mythology as in what Greek god are you, also the lion guard, and some other stuff. Should I make more parts to those? If so leave in the comments which one.
  3. I could do more Harry Potter role playing, or knowledge ones like I did for the Half Blood Prince. I made that one impossible. Should I do more Harry Potter quizzes?
  4. Warrior Cats were always fun. I made some a love story quiz for boys. That one’s fun but it needed improvement. Should I make more Warrior Cat quizzes?
  5. Wings of Fire? I made a lot of love stories that so CRINGY! Those were like my very quizzes of all time. So go check it out and make fun of me! Should I try to not make them so cringy and painful to read by making new ones?
  6. I made one Narnia quiz on which character you were. I actually kind of liked it. What do ya say? Should I?
  7. I made a dog quiz on impossible trivia but now I think it’s forgottten and they just shut it down because it didn’t any views. Anyway, more trivia, role playing, or other?
  8. I made some weird quizzes as well like, try not to get scared or uncomfortable. Or wings of fire musical. There was also a how to train your dragon love story Viggo vs Hiccup. Please do not read that one! I almost died of cringe. They sing Baby it’s cold outside. I was obsessed with that song for some strange reason! Honestly, I think I wasn’t okay back then. I was having some kind of issues in my brain to where I just wanted to be weird. Should I continue my weirdness?
  9. I never done anime, but it’s popular. Soooo
  10. Should I try and explore more popular fandoms? Like Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Twilight, My Little Pony, Marvel, Keepers of the Lost City, and a lot other stuff. Even underrated films?
  11. I could make quizzes that are relatable like, do you like the same stuff as me? Relatable memes I agree with.?
  12. I could do school stuff. Like are you smarter than a 1st grader? Or how good are you at math or spelling? Educational useful stuff
  13. I maybe could do door games if you know what those are. I don’t know how to explain but basically you pick a number and go to the next question and repeat until you get a storyboard or facts. It could be any theme
  14. I could make shipping quizzes. You know the match making quizzes for fandoms, YouTubers, and stuff….
  15. So if you have been with us through most of our quizzes you know about Ember and Dingo. They have been with us from the very start. Ember is a tsundere (meaning harsh and mean when it comes to love. And Dingo is a desperate man wanting her. They’re mostly for comedy and fun, but if you think about it they are kind of weird. Anyway I always have a proposing or divorce scene even though they are not even married. But Dingo is always asking do you ship us together. AND NONE OF YOU SAY ANYTHING😭 but can this change? Can you decide if they go on a date and you control it?(mostly comedy quiz)
  16. Ember-“PLEASE let me know if you have ideas in the comments below. I’m bored having to just travel in the void. Dingo-“you have me though!) Ember-*disgusted* “on second thought, kick him out pleeeeeaaaase!” Dingo-“I’m only playing.” Ember-“We are in highschool! And Shapeshifters like us! Never age! I’ll be stuck in Highschool forevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrr!” Dingo-“Like Edward Cullen!” Ember-“please noooo* save me by commenting so I can get out!”

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