Greek Gods and Goddesses

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There are many normal people, but a few are Gods. Gods after all are very powerful. What is a God of Goddess? A God or Goddess is someone with a lot of power from the Greek times.

Are YOU a God. Do you have the power to go to Olypus? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz you will soon find out. Enjoy it!

Created by: K.P.G.Jennings
  1. Who is the God of Gods?
  2. Who is the god of sea and earthquakes?
  3. Who is the god of the Underworld?
  4. Who is the Goddess of the moon?
  5. Who is the God of War?
  6. Who is the Goddess of Love and Beauty?
  7. Who is the God of light?
  8. Who is goddess of Wisdom and War?
  9. Who is the God of Love?
  10. Who is the Queen of Gods and Goddess of Marriage?
  11. Who is the messanger of the Gods?
  12. Who is the God of Fire?

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