Pokmon black rulz!

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Thread Topic: Pokmon black rulz!

  • VioletStarr Novice
    I just finished playing pokmon black! It was awesome...I love the part at the end with the last close-up of N...*sniffle* I miss him already... I'm off to look for Ghetsis so I can kick his a-word. *looking for ghetsis with chainsaw in hand*
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    I prefered Heart Gold and the original yellow, just because I got to walk around with my pokemon.xP
    But black was good, I loved N.
  • yah ppl black is epic
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    Haylii2 Novice
    I finished it in 12th March xD
    But Iv'e lost it now...
  • VioletStarr Novice
    Hi. I'm back.
  • Storse123 Newbie
    umm pkmn black you get resheram in pkmn white you get zekrom
  • VioletStarr Novice
    Yes. Though I think my favorite legendary is Kyurem because he's strong & doesn't get knocked out all the time like my Reshiram does.
  • i got my beast mewtwo on pkm black
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    timothy4444 Advanced
    I got the sequel.
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    germanmade Novice
    God Black is amazing!!! Oh my god UNF I LOVE N. Also, I loved Platinum, Heart Gold, Yellow too.
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    Kepler Novice
    I got Pokemon White (and later White 2) instead, but yes, the Generation V games are awesome. :D
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    absol heart Novice
    i only like black because of oshawotts 2nd and 3rd evolutio. other than that, iv seen better games. i liked pokemon saphire better.

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