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Thread Topic: Sims 3 pets, challenge ideas

  • If you're like me you'll probably understand how easy it is to get bored of a household you've created in the Sims 3. After hearing the launch of the Sims 4 I was absolutely in love with it's new texture, new social interactions, create a sim features, custom content ect...
    Unfortunately I was stuck with my outdated version and to make matters worse I wasn't even using the best platform. After purchasing the Xbox 360 the later version soon of the console (the Xbox one) arrived making me look stupid. Urgh!
    A new computer and the Sims 4 disc was totally past my price range so I set out to try make the Sims 3 pets look stylish again and may I say I think I succeeded quite triumphantly! I hope these 3 challenges relive your boredom and keep you entertained for the next month or so, I hope you enjoy.
    (Please note I'm only using an Xbox 360 so game play may vary depending on which platform you use)

    No.1) The new mover challenge 🏡
    This challenge is a great one to try out if you enjoy decorating (or destroying) people's homes in the Sims 3. Start of by creating 1 sim who has at least two of these traits: friendly, charismatic and ambitious.- you can choose the rest. When you load them into the world start of by making lots of friends, whenever it gives you the option click on "ask to move in" to a sim (you'll need to be at least good or best friends with the person, or in a romantic relationship). Then move into your friend/partners residents and begin to re-decorate their house. The aim is to re-decorate everyone's house in the town (sugar maple syrup)---> it may also give you an achievement 😉

    No.2) The keen worker challenge👷👮
    After completing it myself I have to admit this is one of the most fun challenges ever, if you enjoy sending your aim to work and earning some sweet cash then this is the challenge for you! You don't need a lot for this challenge except one sim (one sim makes it easier as you'll be focusing on one in particular) who has the "workaholic" trait. Your first moments in the world will be finding them a job of your choice, the aim is to let them climb the ladder to career level ten for ALL of the available occupations (writing does not count), after completing all you'll have enough money to buy anything you want :-) enjoy.

    No.3 The generations challenge 👶👧👩👵👼
    Simply create 2 Sims, 1 young adult, 1 toddler, each generation has to have kids and those children have to complete a challenge set, it sounds easy but it really isn't, it'll take you a good 3 months at least to complete it, if your sim doesn't complete an entire challenge set by the time they did the remaining challenges are passed on the their immediate offspring, some of the sub challenges aren't possible to complete such as the "early reader" quest. From what I've read it isn't possible but I don't know... If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [no emails] or my "the" account as Kitty_tailchaser101, just text me there if any problems occur :)

    So I hope these give you something to do in the holidays, message me at [no emails] or (my the account) Kitty_tailchaser101 to ask me anything or to tell me you've completed those challenges because I'd love to hear them :-) bye xx


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