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    Berryheart Novice
    All I really know about the hackers is this:

    Unknown Female: She hacks your account after 5-10 AFTER she sends you a friend request. She then hacks your computer and puts her own picture on your desktop.

    Anonymous: The most famous hacker of all. The most powerful, to.

    Grim Reaper: The second most powerful hacker. She is also one of the most well-known. There was the Hacking of 9pm, and at first, people thought it was fake. But, that was VERY false. And when she hacks you, she takes everything. She also is known to hack you if you have on "nice clothes", or if you're not wearing noob clothes.

    Miss Filly: She plays a "whistling sound" when she's about to hack you. She used to be dressed similar to Anon, but she sent out a message that she was NOT.

    The Dolly: "The Toys Have Come Out To Play" is her message when she hacks you. Some have said she has a Back Up: The Clown. There are many simularities in both of them. The Clown's message is also always starting in Caps.

    If you have anymore info about them, then please, post it all! :)
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    1714 Senior
    that's beautiful tbh
    hackers on some lame ass virtual world site
    mama's proud
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    Movie star planet sucks why would you want to hack that. Waste of time
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    Berryheart Novice
    Yep. I agree.
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    Superiority Novice
    People hack in places like movie star planet because they can get away with it, and security isn't tight.
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    Berryheart Novice

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