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    [b[Aura Kingdom[/b]

    Aura Kingdom is a game created and published by Aeria Games, a famous game publisher of PC games within MMORPG genre. Aura Kingdom is an MMORPG-based game and involves anime-based characters within the storyline.

    This game requires fast Internet Connection and High Graphic Framerate for any types of PC. You can play the game with low graphic and low internet speed, but the game will lag.

    The advantages are the game is MMORPG, so it isn't boring to play for a long time. The game is anime-based, it involves creature and humans that are extremely cute. This game's combat gameplay is simple, but cool and great.

    The disadvantages are the game requires fast internet speed and high graphic availibility. This game also requires lots of Disk Space around 3 Gigabytes for this game only. However, it's worth it.

    I've ever played this game once and I want to play it again.

    Download is FREE! Check on Google.

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