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Thread Topic: POKEMON

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    germanmade Novice
    I really, really love Pokemon
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    OmegaWolf9 Novice
    I played pokmon silver. But i bought it in france when i was on a vacation. The shopkeeper said you could go to options and turn the language to english. But it still was french, and now i have no idea what to do. I have French lesson on school, so i'll wait till i'm good at french T_T
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    Kepler Novice
    Pokemon is awesome. :D
    I'm a fan of Psychic-types and Ghost-types.
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    Kooleo2000 Novice
    I can't wait until Pokemon X and Y
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    OMG!!!!! I found my ppl all the other 8th graders at school make fun of me cuz I'm obsesssed with pokemon.
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    On my shirt in my profie pic I'm wearing a shirt where it has Ash saying "I love Pikachu" and Brok is saying "bless you"

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