How to get healthy hair?

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Thread Topic: How to get healthy hair?

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    maham fatima Novice
    Some tips to get beautiful hair:
    drink plenty of water
    massage your hair with oil (castor oil,coconut oil or olive oil.etc)
    avoid combing your hair right after shower ( when hair strands are wet they are really soft to comb, just finger dry them)
    eat a healthy diet:salmon fish,cashews,walnuts,almonds,fruits and lots of veggies
    reduce stress
    exercise and yoga helps too
    use right hair care products
    tie your hair into a pony or braid before sleeping(your hair will become soft next morning)
    avoid fast food and junk food
    more tips are coming soon
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    maham fatima Novice
    oil your hair in a right way:
    massage your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave the oil in your hair for 2 hours or overnight. You can wash it off the next morning. However, it is always better to leave the oil on the scalp for a longer period but not more than 24 hours as then it'll start attracting dirt, in turn it'll make the hair weak.
  • John Williams Newbie
    Lukewarm oil massage to hair once a week with Olive oil or Coconut oil.
    Drink minimum3 to 4 ltr water daily
    Eat healthy Foods
    try to use less chemical AND HEATING TOOLS ON YOUR DELICATE HAIRS
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    maham fatima Novice
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    maham fatima Novice
    hello welcome to my thread!
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Massage your scalp with yolk. Let it dry for an hour. Go to sleep. You'll get longer hair overnight. [Proven]
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    maham fatima Novice
    The ingedients which work wonders for hair are already in your kitchen!
    Coconut oil
    peanut oil
    raw apple cider vinger
    baking soda
    ghee butter
    cayyene pepper
    chamomile tea
    red wine
    grape juice
    tomato juice
    olive oil

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