I feel really sick. : (

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Thread Topic: I feel really sick. : (

  • otty Novice
    katy says in a sly voice i now i gotta get to class see ya dustin says katy, waving by to dustin
  • otty Novice
    bats eyes at carly
  • otty Novice
    KATY screams carly, in a sad voice
  • otty Novice
    im not s---
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    WolfLove Senior
    But this writing belongs in the stage, so can you please go?!
  • otty Novice
    katy waves at carly
  • otty Novice
    katy putting arm around dustin says hey its ok
  • otty Novice
    katy saw her closes were a mess she screamed
  • otty Novice
    katy does a sad flip then grabs a knive a cuts herself
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    Please move this to the correct forum(s).

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  • panjikar Novice
    Visit what is your math age
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  • Hi

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