The Tale of Two Worlds

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Thread Topic: The Tale of Two Worlds

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    Suddenly, it all clicked in Maeva's head. This is what her old caretaker was talking about when he said 'princess'. This is why she needed to stay hidden, and why she's the only one to have powers. Maeva nodded in response to Minerva's question. "Yeah, let's go."
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    *only one on Earth
  • Minerva gasped in surprise.

    "Really? Oh, that is wonderful! Come, let's go to the portal. The King and Queen will give instructions."

    She opened the door and beckoned for Maeva to follow her.

    With quick strides, Minerva hurried to the Portal of Light, which was slightly faded.

    "We'd best hurry. The portal will soon vanish." she said, stepping through the ring of light.
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    Maeva rushed to follow Minerva. She wondered what this Silveria planet would be like. She gets to meet her parents? Maeva knew she had to be as proper as possible. Was she wearing good enough clothing? What about her hair? Her thoughts were racing.
  • Minerva hurried through the portal, her sister following her. They arrived in the receiving room, and the King and Queen stood, smiles on their faces.

    "My daughter!" said Susette, embracing Maeva.

    "Welcome, Maeva." said Fredric. "I assume you want to stay here for the night before you begin your quest? Minerva told you, is that correct?"

    I winced as he said my real name. It sounded so ugly to my ears.
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    The second Maeva was in the recieving room, she bowed slightly. That's what you're supposed to do, right? Maeva smiled and hugged her mother. "Thank you for having me at your residence for the night." That sounded wordy enough for Maeva. Minerva? Why did Minerva lie? In Maeva's opinion, it sounds better than Minnie. Maeva thought Minnie was quite ugly.
  • Susette smiled, and the King chuckled.

    "No need to bow. You are the Princess, don't forget." said The Queen.

    Minerva was surprised to hear this. Even she curtseyed to her parents.

    "Would you like something to eat?" asked Minerva. "We can talk more over supper."
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    Maeva was confused about not having to bow. Isn't a respect thing, not an authority thing?
    Maeva thought for a minute about dinner. What do they eat here? "That would be splendid."
  • "What would you like to eat?" asked Minerva. "We have a lot of different dishes."

    She realized Maeva may not have the same food as she had grown up with, and hoped they had what she wanted.
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    Maeva didn't really know what she liked, because the money she receives only works for convenient stores. She ate anything she could get her hands on. Maeva usually spent the money on food or clothes. Clothes were expensive, and the stores didn't always accept the currency her parents sent her. "Surprise me." Maeva laughed.
  • (Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I've been busy!)

    Minerva nodded and turned to her lady in waiting.

    "Would you mind going to tell the Cook to make something special for us?"

    The girl nodded and hurried away.

    "Now we must wait, it may take an hour or two. Would you mind if we talked about the Quest now?" asked Queen Susette to Maeva.
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    (It's totally fine! You have a life.)
    Maeva looked at Minerva. It really was how the movies portrayed it! When she heard that dinner would be an hour or so, she was shocked. She's never cooked anything for more than 25 minutes, never mind an hour! "I would not mind at all." She smiled. Maeva has a very agitated looking resting face, and she thought that everyone else might think she's angry.
  • Minerva smiled.

    "Let's go sit." she said, beckoning her to follow.

    They walked down coridors, turned coners and walked into a richly-decorated parlor.

    Minerva sat on a large sofa and was joined by the King and Queen.

    Fedric got right to business.

    "The Dryads are a very wise people. You will start with consulting them. We can travel in a Roal Cariage."

    "Is... is that alright with you"" asked Minerva, noticing her demeanor. "Are you alright?"
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    Maeva looked at the large room in awe. Did they have a giant as a pet? That couch is huge! Maeva thought about how she was going to consult them. Would she just continue the proper manners? Would that be disrespectful? She only knows how to be insanely proper because she looked for movies about princesses. Maeva laughed, "Of course, it is what has to be done, this is my responsibility as a princess." She hoped they wouldn't notice her laugh was out of nervousness.

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