Roleplaying (no need for anything just have Fu

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Thread Topic: Roleplaying (no need for anything just have Fu

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    Guys and Girls join me if you like as long as you have FUN
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    The World of Delivon was peaceful long ago..... But One day, a evil was unleashed onto the World of Delivon and soon Darkness,Death,Misery and Terror soon filled the world and the Hope that the people longed for was gone because long ago , they had abandoned the Hero that once saved them from the evil long ago.
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    By the way you can choose the gender to your liking.
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    The number in the bracket mean the number of the race
    Required Nine Characters :
    (Me) Celestial Ancient Being=Half Archangel Half Celestial
    High Elf (1)
    High Dragon Lord/Lady(1)
    Arch Mage(1)
    Archer Girl(1)
    Demon Hunter(1)

    Any race (2)

    By the way , Celestial means A human with ancient Magical blood of Guardians(which is a being who protects world's from being destroyed and a race of species from going extinct) who can activate ancient artifacts,weapons and World Portals.
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    INFORMATION ABOUT THE RACES( just in case you don't know) :

    : Elves are Natural forest protecters, hunters and Traders ,they are Experts at using their Elf Magic to protect and defend against any Attackers , Elves are once peaceful but now they have to fight against the Darkness so that the world can regain peace once again.
    (High Elves)
    :High Elves are a species of Royal Elves whose blood are Pure and their blood makes them strongest in using Elf Magic and are much more faster and stronger than normal Elves.
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    Also All species have guardian blood in them but it is not that much and guardian are not so strong without their Halo Crystals
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    Halo crystal are a type of ancient crystal that is found in Marked Caves with carvings on the wall and are powerful essential life force abd energy inside which is why guardians are able to use a large amount of mana and energy but other beings are able to use it too but just not so effective
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    : there are more or less than a few hundred types of dragons(example: lightning, fire and ice dragons)but the highest form of dragons are High Dragon Lords/Ladies, it ranks from this (1.Elite 2.Master 3.Guardian 4.Legend 5.Celestial 6. High Dragon
    How to become High Dragon Lord/Lady
    :Fight against the Five Legendary Council Dragons who are Celestial and they had die before but conquered Death with the help of twenty guardians who used their lifes to power the MYTHICAL LIFE CRYSTAL to revive them Or you can be birth by Two High Dragons
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    (Just in Case you don't know)
    Arch Mages and Mages can be of different races(example: human,elf, dwarf, orc, giant and trolls, etc.) So you choose on your own decision, whether to be a human or elf or others
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    Also the Archer girl and swordsman/woman can be human,elf or dwarfs (three options)
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    (Demon hunter)
    :Demon hunters are actually half elf or human and half demon but they are different from human and demon by looking at their appearances and by judging from their powers, they have special powers and abilities and their willpower is much more stronger than humans and demons which allow to become stronger and faster and smarter Because if they put their mind to something , they will focus on the goal ahead and almost 99% will NEVER GIVE UP so they are also a force not to be thrilled with
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    And also Only Demon hunters, Priests and Holy knight are able to use purge(cleanse the evil and unholyness) to kill demons , But the first species to have this power is the Demon Hunters which is a master at using it by putting the effect to their weapons and armor.
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    (Half Archangel half Celestial)
    : Unknown history (Only He knows the history of my race) No records or research.
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    Just write if you want to join

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