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    "No. So now stop crying." Min-joon smiled at her, (He couldn't hear any fan screams from outside. They were gone.) He stroked her tears away with his thumb. He waved her shortly and turned to leave, his expression becoming blank as he left.
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    Wednesday waved tearfully at Min-Joon, a smile on her face. She had done something terrible. Maybe she should call Sammie?

    She dialed the number at lightening speed.

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    "Hi." Sammy answered, blandly.

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    "Oh Sammy!" Wednesday breathed down the phone. "Sammy something terrible happened and it was all my fault!"
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    Sammy raised her brow, "What happened? Don't tell me.....you did something clumsy now hot-guy hates you for it????"
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    "No, worse. I hit Mark." Wednesday took one deep breath. "I made him cry Sammy!"
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    Sammy didn't respond, it took her time to process what Wednesday just said, "You what?"
    "HOW COULD YOU WEDNESDAY?! HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT YOU! He would never do anything to hurt you..... But YOU DON'T GIVE A f---! YOU HURT HIM EVERYDAY! What kind of friend are you? Ugh.." With that she hung up and called Mark. He didn't pick up, and she knew where he would be anytime he was sad....because of Wednesday. She knew the place. So she hurried off to look for him.
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    Wednesday was heartbroken. She wanted to find Mark and tell her she was sorry, but she didn't want him to be mad at her. She tried calling him, and it rang and rang until going to voicemail. She tried again, but this time he declined. It hurt a lot. What did she do when she was down? Nothing. But that's about to change.

    "Mark I... I love you." She left the final message and hung up sadly, shrugging her coat around her shoulders. She meant it, but not in the way Mark wanted it to be. Wednesday shut her apartment door and walked outside, and began to loudly sing one of the songs from her most recent musical film.

    (I have a plan: Sammy arrives where Mark is and they talk and do whatever you want them to then Mark plays the 'I love you' message really loud, not believing that Wednesday sent it to him. Sammy gets mad or something and tries to get Mark to hate Wednesday??)
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    Sammy arrived at the playground they used to play at when they were kids. She smiled weakly, letting the memories sink in. As she looked around, she saw a figure on the swing. Barely even moving. She hoped it was mark. She walked over and looked down at him, his bangs covered his swollen red eyes, and he looked like a lost puppy. Sammy's eyes started fogging up..
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    "And though he's special, he will never look at me the same way again!" Wednesday sang at the top of her voice. She heard doors click open and screams of fans. Wednesday continued singing, a tear escaping her eyes as she sang the lyrics that summed up her situation;
    What have I done?
    What have I become?
    How could I be so stupid, now he thinks I'm done!
    I'd apologize but I'm not ready to face my fate
    I'd talk to him but I fear it is too late
    My heart is breaking, his is too
    I don't know what to do...

    Wednesday stopped, choked up. She sang the last lyric with her eyes up to the sky, her voice quiet and shaky.
    "I love him, it's true, but not the way he wants me to."

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    Min-Joon was able to listen to everything she was saying on the phone with Sammy, and how she sang and once he heard the doors click. He ran out of his apartment in super speed and before fans could do anything like take pictures or knock her down, he froze time. Leaving Wednesday stood there looking at the sky, fans behind her frozen like a picture. No one moved. Except min-joon, he walked up to Wednesday, and stared at her eyes that were filled with sadness and, of course, tears. Why was he so concerned about her? Did he care really or did he just pity her?
    He held her hand and led her somewhere else, to a garden, nearby their apartment. He left her standing there, still staring at the sky. Before hiding behind a tree and everything went back to normal.
    The fans continued heir screams but Wednesday wasn't there anymore.

    "Sammy..." Mark started.
    "Am I really a bad person? Am I not good enough? Why do I try and try and try and yet nothing?"
    Sammy sat on the swing next to his and listened to him.
    "We've been friends for what seemed like eternity. But she never once returned the love I gave her. Then this guy comes and...and.." He breaks down and starts crying again. "She probably sees me as an idiot, a fool, a-"
    "No you're not. You're a very nice person Mark. And if she's not able to see that then screw her. You're the ideal man for any girl. And you don't need her approval for that. Just quit it. I'm sick already." Sammy said in a shaky voice, holding back her tears.
    Mark didn't say anything. The atmosphere was quiet between them. But it was soothing, and he had stopped crying. He decided to check his phone and he saw a lot of notification but one caught his eye.
    "I guess she sent a voicemail huh? To tell me to leave her life and never comeback no matter what." Mark said, sounding like he was gonna loose it again, "I dont want to hear it..."
    Sammy was really curious to know what Wednesday had to say on that voicemail, "Aren't you curious though?"
    Mark looked at her then back at the phone, his thumb hovered over his screen before he played the voicemail and shut his eyes quickly, ready to take in whatever she had to say...
    I love you...
    Marks eyes fluttered open. Sammy's face went b----y in 2.5 seconds.
    "Oh...My....God!!!!" Mark jumped up from the swing, "She...she loves me?!"
    "But you were sad a moment ago..." Sammy stood up too, shocked by his sudden happiness.
    "Forget that! She said I love you Sammy!!"
    "And you believe that?!"
    "Well....yeah totally!"
    "Well, I'm not buying it. She's only saying that because she doesn't want you to feel hurt. Those words mean nothing, absolutely nothing to her. Trust me" Sammy told him, "Wow, Wednesday. You'd do anything to get a man on your side, thirsty slut." She spat.
    Mark looked hurt again.

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