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    Rithe looked up at him, shifting on her feet. She adjusted her hold on the gun before nodding slowly, and raising a hand to brush some stray hair out of her eyes.

    "Fine. But only cuz you're all superman and I'm all damsel in distress. With a gun. If you were anyone else, I wouldn't do a damn thing you say." she declared, intentionally trying to annoy him out of her own annoyance. She headed for the stairs again.

    "Leaving take two!"
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    Marcus rolled his eyes, walking downstairs.
    "Holy s---!"
    They had not taken the bodies out. Was that how they took care of their soldiers?
    He opened the door, waiting for Rithe. They couldn't afford to be shot in the able if all this was a trap.
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    Thash fine, I'm reading in between posts anyway. x3

    Rithe stared at the bodies of the soldiers littering the floor. When did they intend to take the remains of their allies somewhere to be buried properly? Wasn't that an honor thing? It needed to be done.

    She looked up as Marcus called to her, and tightened her grip on the gun in her hands as she walked out the door.
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    *shot in the back
    Stupid T9 dictionary...)
    The view was terrible. People running, screaming. Complete chaos.
    "Hey you, b------."
    Marcus called out to a soldier standing above a trembling woman, who was lying on the ground near them.
    "Taste this!" A punch in the chest and he went flying.
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    xD Nice try though. A truly valliant effort.

    Rithe flinched, trying not too watch Marcus, although she had to wonder what it felt like. Whatever that energy he'd described before was... What did that feel like, to be hurt by it?

    She pushed her thoughts away and rushed to the woman's side, checking her over for injuries.

    "Are you alright, ma'am? Any broken bones? Bleeding anywhere? Are you dizzy or nauseous?" she went down the checklist, sure that she was only confusing the woman more, but not really caring.

    "Marcus!" she called back to him over her shoulder as she helped the woman stand. It seemed she's injured her ankle trying to escape the soldier, but that was the worst of her injuries.
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    Marcus ran to the woman, grabbing her arm.
    "Are you alright ma'am?"
    The woman didn't answer and instead kept staring at Marcus with wide eyes, as if he was an alien.
    Judging by the look of things, the woman couldn't walk.
    "Open the door please. I'll help her get in."
    Marcus said and lifted her arm to put it over his shoulder. He then grabbed her other arm and started pulling her toward the door.
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    Rithe blinked and opened the door for Marcus, holding it open for the two of them.

    "We're definitely gonna need to talk about this later, boss." Rithe said with a smirk, shouldering the gun so it wouldn't be pointed toward Marcus or the woman.
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    Marcus frowned at Rithe and walked in.
    "Oh crap." They'd almost forgotten about the bodies.
    "Take her upstairs, I'll dump the bodies outside."
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    Rithe felt her eyes widen at his wording. He sounded like a heartless criminal, talking like that. She stared at him for a long moment before nodding her head slowly.

    "Yeah, sure." she mumbled. She set her gun down, leaned up against the wall, and wound her arm around the woman's back, supporting her weight carefully with her own. She led her carefully up the stairs, trying not to trip and fall while awkwardly climging the stairs with all the extra weight unbalancing her in her her high heels.
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    The work wasn't hard. Thankfully, they'd all fallen down near the door.
    Soldiers were everywhere. Marcus had to be really lucky if they hadn't seen him. But it was no time to think now.
    He shut the door before rushing upstairs, but didn't bother to lock it this time. They could get in if they wanted to.
    "They're everywhere. We're gonna be attacked again."
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    Rithe looked up from bandaging the woman's ankle- the best she could do with the simply first aid supplies a home typically had- and blinked.

    "So what're we gonna do about it? We're not just gonna stay in here and- oh!" she paused for a second, remembering the knife she'd taken from the place she'd plundered. She ran over to where she had thrown down her bag and pulled it out, smiling hugely. "I have a knife." she said happily, completely forgetting what she'd been saying. She smiled and looked around. "But anyway, we need to block everything up somehow. Be like f---in' troopers or something."
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    Marcus paused for a minute, thinking everything over.
    "They have guns. Grenades. They can get through no matter what we do."
    He felt bad for disappointing her, but it wouldn't work. Just a waste of effort.
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    Rithe blinked.

    "But if that's the case, isn't taking refuge in this house more dangerous than being out there? They could blow it up and it'd collapse in on us." The woman's eyes grew visibly wider with panic while Rithe was talking.
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    "There are many of them out there..."
    Once the soldiers were done with a house, they didn't return to it right?
    "Unless we can somehow get to another building. One that hopefully they've already searched."
    The plan looked good, but too risky.
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    Rithe shook her head.

    "You're seventeen, right? This hardly seems fair. What on earth did we do to get thrown in the middle of this? I bet if we'd still been here, we'd at least have a good idea of what we're dealing with.." Rithe sat down on the floor, leaned against a wall. "Teenagers aren't made to handle so much chaos and stress and... planning." she whined quietly to herself. Truthfully, she had no idea what they should do. She was just as lost as him. She grinned to herself and looked up at him. "But I definitely need to learn how to defend myself, no matter what we do. You have your... energy... thingy.... and I have my knife and my gun. Only one of which I know how to use. I sure have a lot of stuff to learn. Bet you wish you'd let me drown now." she laughed, playing with the knife in her hands.

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