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  • FrenchPegasus Newbie
    Kay, so if you're not a Christian, don't bother answering. Actually, I already know some of you guys will completely ignore this and post anyways. Alright, I have a few questions...

    1.) How do we know God created the world? No human was there to record the event. How was the first book of the bible, Genesis, written when no one was there to write about it?

    2.) How do we know God actually exists? What if we're all just imagining this and praying to no body at all? What if when we pray and a good thing happens, but it's all a coincidence?

    Holy. Cow. I have a mind block. I had billions more questions, but I just forgot them all... I'll post them the moment I remember them! :D Thanks for the answers!
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    "The beauitful thing about believing in God is that you don't have to have proof to know that he exist."
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    CherryBombRiots Advanced
    It's different from what we're used to in the world. Sure, there isn't proof you can touch and feel and is worldly. It's spiritual. I honestly with all my heart believe God is real and loving, and the only way I know it is the spirituality I've felt through it. For some people that's not enough and they prefer facts based on what is seen. I grew up in a Christian family, not really understanding it most of it when I was young. I went through a period where I fell away from God and basically became agnostic. Then when so much in my life was going wrong I finally turned back to God for comfort and peace. I did get that, and it was an unexplainable feeling of happiness.

    In the Easter of 2011 I remember completely and utterly knowing it was what I believed. I don't let other Christians or other people in general get between me and my faith. I don't belong to a denomination or church, I simply read the Bible and have a spiritual relationship with God. Even if I still have issues and pains in my life, and while the world seems to be going crazy, I continue to have a peace and joy in my faith. It's not organized religion or a list of things you have to do to gain God's love, it's simply a spiritual relationship with him like a wise and caring father.

    I know that to a lot of people think I sound ridiculous, but I don't honestly care. If I die and none of what I believed was real I'd be fine with that, because in my beliefs I've found more wisdom, patience, love and peace than I did ever before. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me. I normally don't talk about my faith because most people don't want to hear it, but to anyone who does I welcome it. :3
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    rascal1178 Advanced
    ^ That's beautiful.

    1.) Anyway, we don't know how God created the world. Genesis is supposed to be taken spiritually and symbolically, not literally. In order to understand that book of the Bible, one must decipher the literary style it was written in. Basically, Adam and Eve were a perfect match because God created them for each other. Another thing, the serpent represents the devil the the way he will try to tempt us. Also, the first sin and the consequences that come with it represent that when we sin we will be punished, but in the end God will forgive us. There's a lot more symbolism than that, though. This is just covering a few things.

    2.) Many people believe that since science cannot prove God is not real that He obviously is. I believe that particular belief is foolish. I believe in God for much the same reason CherryBombRiots believes in God. The spirituality that comes from a relationship with God is much too strong to not be real.
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    Skyler Potter Junior
    1. We need to have faith to believe in God. Or else there would be no point in coming here.

    2. ^Same as number 1. XD
  • FrenchPegasus Newbie
    Wow, thanks everyone. :o I'm in awe of your faith.

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