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    Need advice
    My parents are go to church and we do church ringing every Sunday which I mildly enjoy even though I'm 18 and I am a Sikh. I wear a turban on private tho and if I'm trans (to girl) can I still wear it bc it cost a lot of money? So basically I want to be female but how to tell my parents I'm a Sikh and trans? They don't even know I'm gay at this point. :/
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    Im genuinely confused as to if this is still Geek or if it's still the hacker and B if this is a legit thread or if it's a meme. :/

    Either way:

    Are your parents open minded?
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    The Geek Expert
    am geek

    am being legit
    Fairly open minded on some subjects but they are somewhat old fashioned (in their 50's).
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    Jesus f--- everything I typed out got deleted because my internet crashed lmao iwanttodie time to retype

    I just saw your front porch thread, it all makes sense now. .o. Congrats.

    As for the religion portion:

    You're 18= adult. I'm guessing you've been studying about this religion for a while and that it wasn't something you randomly came up with.

    Since they're open minded but with unsure reactions due to their age, I would recommend you sort of just ask them first, "Hey, what do you think of people who believe in Sikhism?" If they're all "what's that?" Then you explain it to them fully and see their reactions. Depending on how you see them react you can see if you're going to tell them that's what you believe in.

    If u decide to go a further step and tell them:

    U said ""I mildly enjoy"" in a portion of the church thing, so I'm guessing you don't fully dislike it and hope it burns to the ground, so that's good to know you're not mocking them.

    You should also make it clear to them you respect their religion choice, and you would appreciate it if they respected yours. Tell them what it's about, what it does, etc so they have a clear understanding of what u believe in.

    As for the Trans/gay portion:

    Let me make a separate post this is getting too long/ it's actually something I have "experience?" In from my own life
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    When did you find out you identify as a female?

    Are you 100% sure you do not just like dressing up as a cross dresser?

    @the person who is going to come in and tell me that's a rude thing to ask

    No, it's not. It's better that these things get asked now because if they don't that's how people regret it and realise it was just a phase of confusion and in reality they were just really feminine (nothing wrong with that) and just gay but NOT transgender. That's why there are so many detransitions nowadays no one talks about.

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