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Thread Topic: Nightmares

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    Lately, for the past month, Ive been having nightmares every night. Nothing that bad is happening in my life, but the nightmares keep me up for hours and Im afraid to go to sleep. They also greatly affect my mood the next day.
    Normally, I have lucid dreams and none of them are scary. I dream every night and can remember my dreams.
    I dont want to go to a doctor unless its serious. Does anyone know what I should do about it?
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    What are the nightmares about
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    What exactly happens in the dreams?
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    Some things which commonly happen are:
    * A fire/ disaster in which people I know well are in it, and W just as I see theyre escaping, the buildings explode and they all die
    *People I know well torturing me
    * Stuck in a room/ place alone, hear a thudding sound get closer and closer, and then something grabs me
    * This one is really bad: Its an Out of body. (OBE) So I see myself lying on the bed and then I float upwards through a dizzying spiral and then out into the real world. But instead of how it really looks, all there is are a row of iron stakes, and on each one, a dead body is skewered onto it
    *This one is simple but terrifying: A faceless man hunting me down with an axe
    * And this one is really terrifying:Im being chased, I feel something stab me in the back, then I black out and after sometime, I hear waves. I wake up, and Im floating in the middle of a turbulent sea, sitting in a coffin box. When I look down I realise Im on a dead body, and that Im holding a severed hand

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