This is going here BECAUSE I WANT IT TO

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Thread Topic: This is going here BECAUSE I WANT IT TO

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    Skyler Potter Junior
    So dont freak out if you think it goes somewhere else.

    Im really excited because my brother Logan is coming home tonight! He has been gone at college for a while, and he has been getting kinda homesick. After being here for the holidays he will go back to college, and probably come back for spring break.

    Later he is going to go on a 2 year mission for our church. I am REALLY going to miss him then!!
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    Unexpected Novice
    My sister too!!! have fun w/ur bro!
    cool, where's he going? i'm hopefully going to haiti for a week or so this summer, but that's nothing in comparison. That's so cool that God's going to be using him like that!
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    Skyler Potter Junior
    Well you have fun with your sis!

    I dont know where he is going for his mission yet. But when they tell us I will probably be so excited I will post about it on GTQ. Have fun in Haiti!

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