I Wish to Live in a World

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Thread Topic: I Wish to Live in a World

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    rascal1178 Advanced
    I wish to live in a world different from that which is bestowed on me.

    "How?" asks the reader, "What would make a better world?"

    "Well," answers I, "I wish to live in a world where people get along."

    You see, reader, young and old, the world I wish to live in has no divisions.

    For I wish to live in a world where people don't see color. A classic yearn, I know. But have you not seen the judgment we pass on one another, simply for how dark our skin is? I once was told, by none other than my mother, that those who are black are not as evolved as those whose skin was light, like ours. This woman informed me further, saying that those who are of African descent are simply biologically programmed to be violent, less intelligent, and overall savage when compared to those of us who are "normal."

    I wish to live in a world free of religion. An unpopular stance, for sure. Yet, has it not caused divisions so great as to start many wars? Now, I'm not calling for a mass end of religion, I think that would be inhumane. People who wish to worship and praise certainly may. But I have seen it lead to prejudices against the "strange" and the "gay." For you see, from the time that I was four until my coming of age at eighteen, I attended only the most rigorously Catholic of schools. There, I have seen lifestyles, such as homosexuality, not only challenged but called "cancerous" and "dangerous," with those who opposed it claiming that the legalization of this true love would lead to the legalization of sick crimes to humanity, such as pedophilia. And when those points were countered with facts, with evidence and studies from credible sources that I provided, they were deemed irrelevant, for only that which comes from God is law. And yet these Christians fear the Muslim with his Sharia Law. But is that not what these Christians want? I have heard many a quote from a Christian politician, saying we need God in this country. I see no difference between the two. And yet, there are those who are not this radical. Quite a good many, in fact. Yet, these are not the people who are stereotyped as religious, whatever that religion that may be. ISIS is the Muslim stereotype, yet they murder more Muslims who don't follow their strict beliefs than they do Christians. And the Christians who fear them? Some are very loud, violent in fact. Willing to kill to keep these people out. And they are what fuel the new recruits, they are the reason ISIS is impossible to fight. ISIS is based off of something a long time coming, but new members who hate the West? They see what these Christians say, and they think that is what the West is. For Allah, a god traceable back to Abraham, the founder of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - all in Jerusalem - they defend their faith. One God, but many divisions. And that is why I don't believe in religion.

    I wish to live in a world where science is appreciated. Traditional, yes. But climate change is a threat, what, with the greenhouse effect and all. But, as a girl whose major is physics, I have learn how to experiment. Applying this knowledge, study after study can show one, dear reader, how this will change the world for humanity. And yet, we move to end the EPA. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten what science is, and turned this issue into a controversy. And where is the justice in that? What will be left for my children and grandchildren? What of this Earth will disappear? I fear, my friend, for what we will become.

    Oh, how I wish you all did think like me. Yet I'm sure, so do you who disagree. We all have our opinions, our thoughts and our dreams. And every one is different, you see. For we all think we are right, that is how we tend to be. That is why we believe what we believe. My advice, read. Look at sources that you believe, and those you do not. This will give you an understanding of what others think. This is a challenge, that is certain, but it is how one remains well-rounded.

    "But," said the reader, "plenty would still be wrong in the world. Not everything can be fixed!"

    "You are right," said I, "there are plenty of issues I haven't touched. And no one person can ever fix so much. But change starts with one, and then another follows."
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    FluffyEtini Junior
    I agree.
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    maham fatima Novice
    first we should change ourselves!

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