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    Clara Ford Junior
    I've shut down my main Quotev account @Eliminaara24. Viewers may only see my overview. If you would like to talk to me, you can still message there, but I may or may not respond.
    If it is important, or you'd like to better keep in touch with me, please message me on my alt. But be aware that I may deny your request to message. I am limiting interaction. I most likely will only really talk to the users I know well here.
    I will be using my secondary account as my main. If you would like to get verification to message me, the account I will be using is @SilentFox24
    Also, I may not be active at all next week.
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    Silent Fox Newbie
    (bumping now that there's less traffic.)
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    Clara Ford Junior
    One more try. Idk if the people I needed to see this saw it...
    I'm gone now. It's storming. Please lock my threads requested.
    Thank you.

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